20 is Plenty for Reading

We are sick and tired of Labour councillors refusing to consider 20 miles per hour speed limits across all residential roads in Reading, leaving the main roads as 30 mph. Instead it has taken them over a year to implement 20 mph in one small corner of East Reading. It’s a start, but we need more now!

Halve the Green Bin Charge

We call for a reduced annual charge of £25, believing that the Council’s guesstimates of the drop-out rate (the amount of households that would not be prepared to pay this new charge) would be higher that than forecast for a rate of £50 but the drop-out rate for a charge of £25 would be lower than that forecast. We think that the council have got their sums wrong and the optimum rate for green bin collections is £25 a year, not £50.

Hands Off Tilehurst Library!

We value all of the libraries in Reading, but Tilehurst Library in particular. Libraries are a focal point for the whole community. Libraries are a diverse space where children learn to read, pensioners can go to socialise, and free internet access is provided for everyone. They provide access to education and the arts for everyone. We understand that the council faces tough economic times but we cannot afford to lose our library here in Tilehurst. We oppose any suggestion of it being closed.

Stop the Conservatives Scrapping the Human Rights Act

The Human Rights Act protects the vulnerable and the powerless. Back our campaign to protect it.