Jenny is proud to represent Reading East, standing up for the open-hearted, outward-looking values shared by residents across Reading, Woodley & Whitegates.

She says “This is an election fought on a new kind of politics. The choice now is whether we want a government that respects Britain’s open, tolerant values or throws up barriers and diminishes our place in the world. Last year, the people of Reading East voted strongly to remain in Europe – the only political choice now to keep Britain’s future a European future is to vote Liberal Democrat.

The decision on June 8th affects not just our relationship with the world, but defines the type of society we want Britain to be. This Tory government’s policies are crushing our country – slashing the benefits that support children and young people, threatening the security of pensioners, undermining local council services and deepening the divide between rich and poor. Everyone deserves the opportunity to make the most of their life – but the Tories are snatching that away.”

Jenny is a scientist by profession, she works in the university sector supporting research that tackles big global problems, like sustainability and healthcare. She is determined to fight the Brexit brain drain that threatens research and businesses in our constituency.

Locally, she campaigns on issues of importance within Reading, Woodley & Whitegates, such as transport, education and leisure facilities. Nationally, she has a high profile in civil liberties campaigning and was part of the Lib Dem team that threw Theresa May’s Snoopers’ Charter out of the last parliament.

Her research career includes five years working on renewable energy and environmental projects, so she is proud of the Lib Dem commitment to the environment and is keen to ensure that transport and housing developments across Reading East are green and sustainable. She is concerned that Brexit will destroy the environmental protection that comes from working with our European neighbours.

Her past experience as a teacher drives her wish to provide fair opportunity for all. She is pleased that the Liberal Democrat childcare, education and adult training policies target support to give everyone their best chance and is angry that Tory education plans are already damaging our local schools.

Jenny’s aim in entering politics is to build a better future and make sure no-one gets left behind. She says “For me, being involved in politics is all about helping people make the changes that are needed to improve their lives. I’m devastated by the damage being done to our country by the current government, so I’m fighting for the Liberal Democrat values of freedom, fairness and equality, working to support our local community and to keep our country open, tolerant and united.”