We know lots of residents love walking and cycling along the Thames path between Reading and Sonning, we are concerned by the proposal to build a bus lane along beside the river starting at Broken Brow and crossing Kennet Mouth.

The plan is deeply flawed as it will:

  1. Not improve the air quality at Cemetery Junction, since the number of parking spaces planned for Broken Brow is less than 300, whereas 10,000 cars pass through Cemetery Junction every day.
  2. It will seriously undermine the recreational value of that part of the Thames Path which is used by so many people in New Town and beyond, who value having somewhere local to enjoy the river and its surroundings.
  3. It will destroy important habitat at a crossroads of wildlife corridors, reducing the natural flora and fauna even further.
  4. It is a waste of taxpayers money as it does little for town residents but allows buses to save time on journeys to Heathrow (something that will be better done by train in the near future). The scheme is being funded through a government grant. The Lib Dem councillors are opposing this scheme and would prefer to spend money on creating a Low Emissions Zone that would charge polluting vehicles for entering the town centre.

The Lib Dem Councillors on Reading Council are opposing the proposal on the grounds above, stating that instead it is time to restrict vehicle emissions in Reading by introducing a charge on vehicles entering the town.

The Council is submitting a planning application on 20th July to build this bus lane across the coal wood land and the Kennet mouth to join up with a car park behind the Dreadnought and the Waterside Centre.

Full details are at http://www.reading.gov.uk/east-reading-mrt