Equal Jobs. Equal Pay.

Reading Lib Dem Councillor Ricky Duveen has welcomed the news that Reading Borough Council was finally moving forward in attempting to settle the outstanding pay claims from female staff dating back over ten years. The Council admitted that it (along with many other local authorities) had discriminated against some female staff by paying them less than their male colleagues for similar jobs.

Cllr Duveen said, “This is long overdue, I have raised this issue at every budget meeting of the council over the last five years and received nothing but a stony silence from the Labour front bench – which includes senior union officers who apparently do not think that the female workers employed by Reading deserve the same sort of protection that other union members do. Labour councillors who you would have thought would be in the forefront of equal rights campaigns have sat on their hands for years when it was their own council employees being discriminated against.”

“I pay tribute to those scores of women who have waited all this while for their claims to be processed and hope that they can be settled quickly now that the council has finally got itself in to gear and is now making serious attempts to settle.”

“When local Labour leaders speak about women’s rights they should perhaps remember the stain on their reputation when it came to mistreating their own female work force.”