Parking in many areas close to the town centre are becoming more congested and finding places to park is getting harder and harder. That is why many local people support Residents Parking Permit schemes.

The current state is that residents pay nothing for the first permit and £120 for any second or subsequent permits. The Labour Administration want to introduce a £30 charge for the first permit and to keep the second permit charge at £120. This will raise some £400,000 annually and provide a surplus to the council of around £100k given that administering the scheme will cost £300,000. It will also need to cover the additional costs of administering and collecting the £30 charge from the current 7,500 first permit holders.

Lib Dems oppose the introduction of the charging for the first permit as cars have become essential for many residents. We propose that the charge for second and subsequent permits should be £220. This will bring in some £320,000 and cover the cost of the scheme and not require any additional administration costs.

We would also allow residents who request a second permit for an electric or low emissions vehicle to have the permit for free. We want to encourage the use of low emissions vehicles, especially in the town centre.

Our proposal:

  • Keep first residents parking permits free.
  • Raise the charge for second and subsequent permits to £220.
  • Allow free permits for low emissions vehicles.