Redlands campaigner Francis Jakeman

More than 100 Redlands residents attended a public meeting in June where they raised their fears that the Council’s parking orders for Redlands streets would push the parking problems to neighbouring roads.

Such strong objections were raised that the Traffic Management Sub-committee decided to reconsider the proposals.

Since then, a Redlands Parking Working Group of 20 local residents has met to analyse the proposals, especially the impact that the Council’s orders would have on surrounding roads not covered by the orders. The Working Group reported back to the Council in August, and the Council is expected to make a decision soon on whether to go ahead with their original plan or to make changes as a result of the Working Group’s report.

Reading Council has now put their proposal for additional parking restrictions between Alexandra Road and Eastern Avenue on their website.  Visit to see the plan.

The proposals include putting double yellow lines on the junctions where Lydford Road intersects Cardigan Road, Foxhill Road and Blenheim Gardens, resulting in a loss of about 24 parking spaces on these already crowded roads.

Residents are telling us that although they appreciate that the sight-lines at these junctions could compromise safety, they feel that the double yellow lines could be reduced in length to maximise the number of car parking spaces. What do you think?

Reading Lib Dems will continue to press the Labour-led council to come up with a Reading-wide parking plan instead of piecemeal plans that just push parking problems onto neighbouring roads!