Cllr Ricky Duveen with a green bin

The Leader of Reading Lib Dems has made the case for a much smaller charge for green bin collection which the Labour Administration want to set at £50 per year.

Cllr Ricky Duveen called for a reduced annual charge of £25, saying that the Council’s guesstimates of the drop-out rate (the amount of households that would not be prepared to pay this new charge) would be higher that than forecast for a rate of £50 but the drop-out rate for a charge of £25 would be lower than that forecast.

Cllr Duveen said that ‘talking to local residents I think that the council have got their sums wrong and the optimum rate for green bin collections is £25 a year, not £50.’

‘Imposing a sudden £50 charge for a service that has run successfully for years without any charge will anger many residents and the drop-out rate will be substantial, leading to green waste being dumped in grey bins or left behind the nearest bushes for the council to clear up.’