Cllr Meri O'Connell at the junctionLib Dem Councillors support the calls from Mencap Chair, Leslie MacDonald, for Councillor Tony Page to start listening to the pleas of disability groups and residents to have the lights at the junction on the corner of the Broad Street Mall turned back on.

In a letter to the press, Cllr Meri O’Connell said:

“Since the lights were turned off I have been approached by many residents asking when they will be turned back on again. Some have disabilities, small children, mobility scooters or simply don’t like not knowing when it’s safe to cross. But what has struck me is the number of people who want the lights switched back on because they don’t feel it’s fair on more vulnerable people.

I have not met a single resident who has said that they like the lights being off – not one driver or bus user has told me that their journeys are easier because of the lights being off. The people of Reading are mostly a nice, caring bunch and they don’t mind their trip into town taking an extra minute or two if it means that other residents are safer.

There is also the hidden problem of all those people who will stay home and become more isolated and lonely because Reading is no longer a safe place for them to visit. I hope that the Labour led Council start listening to the united voices of residents and groups like Mencap and Guide Dogs for the Blind on this issue – before there is a serious accident directly attributed to the poor management of this junction.”

The petition can be found at the website. You can also let the Council know your views by writing to [email protected].